Brand New – Limousine

Track 5 from Brand New’s album ‘The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me’ released in 2006. It’s my favourite song from this album but the meaning behind it is pretty dark:

The song is about a 7-year-old Katie Flynn who was the flower girl at her aunts wedding in 2005. On the drive home from the wedding the limousine Katie and her family were riding in was hit by another car coming onto the exit of the highway. The driver of the other car, Martin Heidgen, 25, had at least 14 drinks that night and his blood alcohol content, at 0.28%, was more than three times the legal limit in New York.

The accident left Katie decapitated, and when the family finally escaped the limo all Mrs Flynn had left to hold of her daughter was her head – which she held in her lap while the ambulance got out the rest of her daughter’s body from the car, eventually having to be physically separated from it by emergency workers.


Songs Lyrics:
K, it’s your ride.
Get your petals out and lay them in the aisle
Pretend your garden grows and it’s your day to wed.
We found your man, he’s drinking up, he’s all-American.
And he’ll drive.
He’s volunteered with grace to end your life,
We’ll tidy up,
It’s sad to hope, but leave your shell to us,
You explode,
You firefly, you tiny boat with oars,
Feather oars. The world tilts back and poison pours.
And so, you satellite.
You tidal wave, you big surprise.
And I one more night to be your mother.

This signal interrupts,
Baby’s frequency’s not strong enough.
Remade my hands and smile.
We will miss you but in time you’ll get set up,
We will write!

A beauty supreme, yeah you were right about me,
But can I get myself out from underneath this guilt that will crush me,
And in the choir I saw a sad messiah,
He was bored and tired of my laments,
Said, “I died for you one time but never again.”

Well I love you so much, but do me a favor baby, don’t reply.
Because I can dish it out, but I can’t take it.

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