The Vertical City

The Vertical City

The Dubai City Tower is a proposed skyscraper design announced on 25 August 2008. When built (estimated completion is 2025) the building will be 2,400 metres tall… that’s more than 3 times taller than the world’s current largest building (The Burj Khalifa) and almost 7 times taller than The Empire State Building!

The 1.55 mile high design nicknamed ‘the vertical city’ has 400 floors and is so tall that it contains a 200 km/h (125 mph) vertical bullet train acting as the main elevator.

With a building this high, wind is obviously a danger. It’s structure therefore comprises of a central core with 6 outer buildings that are connected to the central core every 100 floors in a design that both stabilizes the structure and spreads out its mass.

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