McCormack to Norwich?


It seems inevitable – whenever a Leeds player has stood out from the squad in recent years a certain yellow and green Canarie has come sniffing. And as is the case for any young footballer, the lure of increased money and fame that Premier League football provides is often too much for them resist. Personally I don’t blame the Leeds lads, I mean, a bit of loyalty would’ve been nice I guess, but as painful as it is to say it, I fully understand their decision on a purely selfish basis. Who wouldn’t want to apply their trade to a greater audience for more money.

So anyway, since 2011, 4 players have made to trip South to Carrow Road: Bradley Johnson was shortly followed by Jonny Howson; who in turn was followed by Robert Snodgrass; and most recently Luciano Becchio has transferred. And it’s this apparent hard-on for Leeds players that the Norwich board have that makes me fear that McCormack will mimic the movement of his former teammates, because he most certainly is the stand-out player down at Elland Road this year…

Reminiscent of Mark Viduka 13 years ago this very weekend, Ross McCormack yesterday afternoon scored all Leeds’ 4 goals in a virtuoso performance that saw The Whites win 4-2 away at Charlton. This will make Ross top goalscorer in the Championship this year with 11, surpassing early leaders Jordan Rhodes and Danny Ings, which don’t get me wrong, is fantastic for Leeds – to have our best player firing on all cylinders can only have a positive impact of the team and it’s performances. But it also attracts attention, and being the pessimistic Leeds fan I am, I can see Delia and co. dreaming of yellow and green kit with ‘McCormack’ between the shoulder blades.

I hope my fears are proved fallacious, but until Leeds stop operating as a ‘selling’ club, putting profit over promotion, it’s going to be difficult to see our star performers staying any longer than they have to in order to catch a bigger fish’s eye. And more often than not this so-called ‘bigger’ fish seems to by Norwich F.C. I thought all had changed when Salah Nooruddin and the GFH Capital group dipped into their pockets and bought Leeds earlier this year, high profile signings were rumoured and a swift return to the top flight was foreseen, but just our look, it appears we are the only club to be taken over by Arab owners with no cash.

McCormack to Norwich in 2014? Probably, but I hope not.

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